The Rights of Disabled People

In the U.S.

How can my organization, city council, government agency, business, or other entity help the national effort to ratify the convention in the United States?

For the US to become a ratifying nation, the presidential administration must first sign the CRPD (this is known as becoming a signatory to the treaty).  At that point, the Senate is the governing body that Ratifies the treaty for the US.

Many disability advocacy groups and individual activists have taken the lead in promoting the CRPD in the US by getting their own local governments (cities & counties) to officially endorse the treaty.  For more info go to our page on The Local Initiatives Project.

Other groups or individuals can support these efforts through activities such as writing letters to Congress or the President and including links on your websites to information about the CRPD.

For those who are interested in becoming involved more directly, organizations such as the United States International Council on Disabilities (USICD) would be happy to assist, and of course, Ratify CRPD Now is always here to help organizations and individuals to build support.  Please feel free to contact us.