The Rights of Disabled People

International Day for the rights of the disabled people

Posted by on Oct 23, 2015

International Day for the rights of the disabled peopleThe fifth of May is traditionally claimed as the day when people honor the rights of people with disabilities. It is an international holiday.

According to the World Health Organization today in the world there are about 1 billion disabled people. About hundred million disabled people are the share among children.

May, 5-th – is the official day when people worldwide pay a tribute of respect to those who are compelled to struggle against limited abilities of the body every day.

For the first time this day was celebrated in 1992. 23 years ago disabled people started fighting for their rights. Representatives of 17 European countries took part in this event. They were in favor of people with disabilities to have the same rights as ordinary people. From that time on this day in many countries around the world peaceful meetings in support of disabled people and against any possible forms and manifestations of discrimination in their address occur. Today about 15 percent of the population of the globe have any limitations for health reasons that causes obstacles to normal activity and full physical, mental, sensory and psychic activity of person. Among one billion people who suffer from such deviations about 100 million are the share of children.

Today physically disabled people live not in the best conditions. The majority of the countries tries to keep programs which will allow such people to get an education, opportunity to hold a professional position and to become the skilled worker. Unfortunately a lot of countries still have problems and obstacles which prevent this much more. So, for example, disabled people in Russia, Ukraine and other countries of the former USSR often can’t receive the adequate qualified medical care, transport service and information support. Entrances of houses, shops and office buildings often have no banal ramps. Minibuses aren’t equipped with special the equipment which would allow people with limited abilities to use public transport.

Signing this convention on the rights of disabled people in December, 2013 became one of the main stages to fight for the rights of disabled people. It was one of the first contracts on protection of the rights of physically disabled people which had all third-party international character. This contract was signed on December, 13 in the UN.

This contract was ratified in 50 states. And since May the third, 2008 it completely came into force. According to the signed convention physically disabled people got the right to participate in all manifestations of public life and order. The cultural, social, economic, political and civil spheres of activity became available to disabled people. From this point disabled people acquired the right to protect their rights on a legal basis.

One of the main provisions which appears in this convention is the respect of physically disabled people, their rights and freedom, desire to be the independent and self-personality, the right of own choice, the right of participation in life of society and all its manifestations, the inadmissibility of any forms of discrimination and infringement of the rights, equality of men and women, as well as people with disabilities and full-fledged.

This convention was ratified in 147 countries and signed in 158 countries.

May 5, which is the international day of disabled people, – is the day when in many countries charitable actions which have general educational character are held. They show that disabled people are the same full-fledged and equal members of the society as well as ordinary people. These meetings, conferences and events are held only to remind people that disabled people have the right for normal full-fledged life.