The Rights of Disabled People

People with disabilities

Posted by on Oct 21, 2015

People with disabilitiesThe establishment of the disability gives the citizen the right to a certain social support from the society. However, not everyone knows the procedures to be for this to pass, and the order in which they are carried out. Recall them briefly.

Who can be considered invalid?

First of all, it should be noted that the rules of recognition of persons with disabilities is approved by the government’s law “On procedure and conditions of recognition of people with disabilities”. This law can vary in name in different countries but according to convention on the rights of persons with disabilities all people with disabilities have the right to receive help from the government and society if they suffer from at least one of the types of disabilities. These can be learning disabilities, physical disabilities or developmental disabilities.

So, to get the status of a disabled person, every individual must meet of the points described below:

  • There is a persistent disorder of body functions due to illness, defect or injury;
  • Human activity is limited, resulting in total or partial loss of the ability (possibility) to implement self-service, to self-move, to navigate, to communicate, to control the behavior, to study or to engage in labor activities;
  • There is a need for social protection measures (including rehabilitation).

Passage of a medical examination: step by step

To confirm the fact of disability person need to undergo a medical and social assessment in a special institution.

Events of medical and social assessment are carried out on gratuitous basis.

The organizational-legal form of medical institutions (in particular, whether it is public or not) does not matter for the purpose of referral to medical and social examination.

If adults or children with disabilities are denied in the direction of medical and social examination, it would have to be issued a certificate of such a refusal.